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pic8Photoxpress_4332401-e1427724873487-1024x680If your goal is to begin to sculpt your body to look like a fitness model then chances are you’ve spent countless hours in the gym trying to achieve this body with little visible results if any. Don’t worry you’re not alone the sad fact is that 95% of the population in the UK who try to sculpt a fitness model body fail. They fail because they do not train according to their body type.

Everyone has different genetics and while a small number of people are blessed with freakish genetics, most of us (including me) have an average genetic makeup meaning when we workout we see little gains in muscle growth or tone.  Most personal trainers will tell you that you cannot do anything about changing your genetics and results are limited to your own ability. This is rubbish and I’ve proven with countless clients that anyone can build the body they desire.

You may have heard of fast and slow twitch muscle fibres before, everyone has different makeups of these fibres and it is common to have a slightly predominant muscle fibre type. This is why different athletes are good at their particular event as sprinters have mainly fast twitch fibres and marathon runners have more slow twitch fibres. It is absolutely essential that you train in a way that is going to maximise your potential and this means selecting the correct training systems. Firstly you need to find out your own muscle fibre makeup. I find this out by undertaking a scientifically proven muscle fibre test……

Initial testing002

I approach every one of my personal training clients routines differently and to begin with you will undergo a detailed and thorough assessment including muscle fibre analysis in order to ensure I select the style of training that is guaranteed to work for you. I have helped clients to pack on muscle, build a beautiful toned body and improve their strength with my body sculpting programme. My personal training works because I leave nothing to chance that ensures maximum results in the shortest time possible. Over the years I have tweaked my training, honing it to what it is today one of the most powerful body transforming programmes in the UK.

You will undertake very challenging routines incorporating the principles of overload, adaptation & supercompensation this includes training cycles of high rep/low rep, volume work, functional hypertrophy training along with advanced styles of training. Training with me is not a one size fits all style of training and is different for every personal training client’s very own physiology and goals.

You can expect to see life changing transformations in less than 12 weeks. As you want to see results for the training you buy I leave no stone unturned in offering you the opportunity to build the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Muscle Fibre Testing

During your initial assessment I carry out non-invasive scientific tests to determine your muscle fibre makeup I do this so I can decide on what training style and repetition range your body will best respond to. This test is essential if you are to realise your potential and really experience a life changing body transformation.


12 weeks at 3 sessions per week = £1170 with the option to pay monthly at just £390 per month

12 weeks at 2 sessions per week = £840 with the option to pay monthly at just £280 per month

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