3 Month Body Transformation

Chances are if you’ve landed on this page you are looking to transform the look of your body.  Have you tried in the past to get in great shape but failed somewhere along the way?

Don’t worry this is so common, however there is an answer……………..

If you have become disheartened with your training in the past because you didn’t get the results you wanted in the time frame you set out, let me help you to finally get the most out of your training and diet that actually leads to results.  The type of results that make you proud of your body.

I launched my Body Transformation training package to help get my clients in the best possible shape ready for that holiday that is fast approaching.

The Body transformation training package includes training 3 times per week with me in my studio, where I will get you in the best possible shape in just 3 months.  This could be to lose those love handles, reveal your abs, drop several dress sizes or create the classic V tapered look.

The training is tough and you will find it hard at times, but the hard work is well worth the investment.

The package also comes with the added bonus for just £25 per month you will receive nutritional support and full online personal training, all I ask for in return is that you fully commit to the programme and diet and turn up ready for each workout with an open mind.

The package lasts for 3 months and costs £1170.  To help spread the cost you can pay monthly at just £390 per month.

To start your Body Transformation programme now call me on 07825 314699

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