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I have developed a unique 6 week fat loss programme that delivers amazing results.  So if you’re short on time but want to see fat loss results fast then read on…………

The 6 Week Fat Loss plan has been created after years working in the field fine tuning my fat loss skills.  This plan is not just some cobbled together copy and pasted plan, it is based on scientific protocols, hours of research and countless hours of personal training.

This is a FAT LOSS plan and not a weight loss plan, my clients will build muscle while shedding body fat.  Average fat loss can be between 10-14lbs of pure fat.  This can have a startling change on your physique, and will help to sculpt and tone your body.

Let me give you some facts:

  • Many fat loss plans are simply ineffective, these are plans that ask clients to spend countless hours on treadmills or stationary bikes.  The people that train this way are more than likely never going to achieve the results or physique that they want and end up with a skinny fat body at the very best.
  • Resistance training done correctly speeds up fat loss, but many people and trainers included do not train effectively and when they do use resistance training they often keep in the high rep low weight range, which is an out dated way to train for fat loss.
  • Training with me on my 6 Week Fat Loss Plan means that you are signing up to turn your body into an efficient fat burner, where you burn calories at a high rate for hours after your workouts.
  • Using workouts that elevate your metabolism and keep it ramped up for a long time means you will burn the most amount of fat possible.

 What do you get with the plan:

  • Choose from 3 sessions per week with me or 2 sessions per week with me. I offer the two different packages to ensure that more people have the opportunity to train with me
  • The opportunity to train with one of Yorkshire’s top Fat Loss coaches in a private studio in Leeds.
  • For just an extra £25 per month you receive an extra bespoke training and nutritional plan that is personal to you.  All delivered through my online personal training software and downloadable app.  Everyone is different and will burn fat at different rates so it is of paramount importance that you train and eat to your specific body type.  Using my tried and tested methods and hours of working in the field you can be sure you will burn the most amount  of fat possible for your body type.
  • Through my online personal training portal your nutritional support includes a full assessment of your current eating habits, so you can make the necessary positive changes to your diet that are personal to you and not a generic eating plan that may work for one person but not everyone.

Fat Loss programme design

Your first session involves a thorough assessment of your current body composition, your daily habits, fitness testing and structural assessments.  From this I work out your highly personalised fat loss plan.  This plan will evolve over the coming weeks as you progress and I learn more about you and how you move and metabolise fat.  Each session I pay close attention to everything you do in the gym, always assessing your form, monitoring progress and forcing you to push harder.

What I expect from you:

  • 100% commitment to the training sessions and diet I set.
  • Turn up on time to every training session.
  • Complete 2 – 3 addtional workouts either at home or in the gym.
  • Give up alcohol for the first few weeks of training.

What you can expect:

  • Visible fat loss within just a few weeks.
  • A more toned and impressive looking body.
  • More energy in your everyday life.
  • Increased confidence and self esteem.


3 sessions per week = £585 (18 Hour long sessions lasting 6 weeks)

2 sessions per week = £420 (12 Hour long sessions lasting 6 weeks)

Call now on 07825 314699 to start your fat loss journey or alternatively fill in the form below

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