About Us

Patrick Hargrave

Owner & Founder

I have over 15 years experience working as a personal trainer in Leeds at the forefront of the fitness industry. This experience has given me the skills to build up an excellent reputation as a fat loss and fitness expert that is backed up by my client list and the excellent results they have achieved over the years.

I believe everyone is different, which is why every single client that I train receives a totally unique workout that is tailored to their goals. It is this personal service that has set me apart from the average personal trainer out there who tries to get results simply by shouting louder. I make sure the training that my clients receive is specific to their goals and their body type ensuring that maximum results are achieved. I am definitely against any type of fad diet diet, results are achieved through careful planning, good nutrition, hard work, and dedication.

I have worked as a personal trainer in Leeds for the NHS for over 11 years and this has given me the opportunity to work with a huge number of clients each with varying health conditions. Working in this environment is not for the faint hearted and it is imperative every training session I give delivers the results the consultants are looking for. I have built up a fantastic relationship with many doctors who now request that I am the trainer that works with their patient as they know they will be in safe hands.

When I first began as a personal trainer in Leeds I dreamt of opening my own personal training studio like the celebrity trainers in London. Following my initial success working as a personal trainer I decided to open my own studio in the centre of Leeds, 10 years on and I now have a very impressive and loyal client list. The studio has actually enhanced my skills as a personal trainer and I no longer have to wait until a piece of equipment becomes available!

To get your perfect body takes more than just lifting heavier weights or running longer so I offer all of my in-person clients free nutritional support for the first month of training. This is virtually unheard of in personal training and most trainers charge up to £100 for this. Forget all those fad diets I’ll show you a diet that works.

My goal is to deliver the best and most effective training possible by passing on my expert knowledge and passion for fitness to all of my clients. I always give 100% to every session I deliver I don’t simply stand and count reps!

I train a lot of my clients online all over the world through my online personal training app.  I also coach many of the clients I train in the studio using a Hybrid coaching model, this is the absolute best of both worlds, it combines in-person coaching with online coaching ensuring my clients stay accountable and have access to me 24/7.

Specialist areas:

  • Online Coaching
  • Fat Loss
  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Body Sculpting


  • BA (Hons) Sport Management
  • Level 4 Physical Activity & Weight Management for Obese and Diabetic Clients
  • Advanced fitness instructor and Personal Trainer
  • Exercise Referral
  • Precision Nutrition practitioner
  • REPS Level 4 Advanced Instructor
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Weight management and Nutrition
  • Instructing Health Related Exercise for Children
  • Qualified Rugby Coach
  • Qualified Football Coach
  • Motivational Interviewing

Darren Wilkinson

Head Coach

I’m Darren,

I absolutely enjoy and feel very privileged to work in the field that I do. My abilities and skills and as a Trainer consist of over 16 years’ experience on the gym floor. I have worked with clients that have started without any prior knowledge and who needed much guidance.

Presently, I am working with two clients that were new to training, and in the past year client no.1 has recently accomplished a dead lift ¾ of their body weight and bench press half their weight.

Client No.2 has accomplished new techniques and lost ½ stone of unwanted weight). I have built up a great deal of knowledge in strength and conditioning as I have been fortunate to work alongside some of the best coaches.

I am helping another client with weight reduction, but I have had to work around other restrictions and barriers, such as painful knees that has required a lot of strength and conditioning work. I have helped many clients with rehabilitation, (currently, working with a client with severe back problems who has regained strength in their upper body and rebuilt muscle tissue in the once injured parts.

I am able to offer my professional guidance as a Nutritionist, (I have recently obtained BSc (hons) degree in Nutrition). My expertise offers you a real chance of helping you achieve your goals. My knowledge has been built up through many years of helping past and present clients reach their goals. My level of expertise and my passion and knowledge through my degree has been built up over many years from my work, and not just acquired through text books.

Call us on 07825 314699 to discuss your training options

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