Before & After Pics

Here are some of the results Core Fitness clients have achieved. Please note these images have not been altered in any way only the faces have been blurred out at the request of our clients. So what you see are REAL results.

Results in 8 weeks

Gary achieved these truly outstanding results in just 8 short weeks!

Results in 8 weeks

Kyle had the goal of packing on muscle before his holiday, he trained at the studio twice a week for 8 weeks and I think you’ll agree his results were outstanding!


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Results in 12 weeks

Rich wanted to reduce his body fat.  He hadn’t exercised for a long time when he started training at Core Fitness, his diet was also poor.  Rich was educated on the best way to eat to lose body fat for his body type and pushing him through a series of challenging workouts.  Rich achieved some fantastic results and he continues to train at the studio and online with the goal of sculpting his body further.

Rich before & after

Results in 8 weeks

Mr J completed 3 training sessions per week, 1 personal training session in the studio and 2 further sessions at home following a personalised training programme. Adhering to the nutritional plan devised, along with these sessions, Mr J achieved these fantastic results in just 8 weeks!



Results in 12 weeks

Richard wanted to lose body fat while also building muscle, he’d been training by himself for several years and had managed to lose a lot of weight but could not shift the final few pounds and struggled to build enough muscle to make him look the way he wanted.  Richard achieved the results below by training at the studio for 3 sessions per week.  In addition to the training sessions Richard followed my nutritional plans with some amazing results.  These pictures were taken 12 weeks apart.


Results in 6 weeks

Miss T completed 2 training sessions per week at the studio for 6 weeks, as we do with all of our clients we had her follow my personalised nutrition plan that fit in with her hectic lifestyle and training sessions.  The following pictures were taken 6 weeks apart.



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