Core Stability


The core is the origin of all movement, making core stability training one of the most important aspects of working out . As such it sets up the rest of the body for optimal force absorption, distribution and production. You are only as strong as your weakest link, for most of us this link is core or torso strength.


The ultimate aim of core stability is to ensure your deep core muscles are trained, correctly co-ordinated and capable of working efficiently during simple every day tasks through to the demands of sport specific and functional training. It is also fundamental to overcoming injuries to the lower back and spine.


Our functional training at Core Fitness will take you through a thorough and comprehensive core, balance and power program focusing on quality of movement and correct technique, using a variety of training equipment including Swiss & Medicine Balls, and your own body weight. Having attained proficiency in basic core exercises we will progress to working the stabiliser and trunk muscles of the core through more functional and dynamic movements.

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