Online Personal Training

Exclusive Platinum Package
Do you want to build a lean athletic looking body and say goodbye to your soft middle and love handles?
I can help you…
I only take a small number of clients onto my Platinum package so I can dedicate all of my efforts to ensuring my clients are successful.
bespoke training 
bespoke nutrition plans

The Core Fitness exclusive platinum package is completely personalised online personal training that will change your current body to a lean athletic one that you are proud of. You’ll work with me through the Core Fitness online personal training dashboard where I will coach you through everything you need to achieve your goals.  Exclusive access to my online training app where you can view & log all of your workouts.

Innovative Training App
My Core Fitness online personal training app is only available to my clients, who can access it anytime, anywhere on Android, IOS or PC/Mac.
This means clients can log workouts & diet, check workouts and upload progress anywhere in the world!
I take away all of the guess work and conflicting information about training and dieting. In 12 weeks time you could be 20-30lbs lighter or sporting a new 6 pack and full of energy.
What’s Included in the Plan?
    • I specialise in helping busy people lose fat and transform their bodies, taking out the guess work in the gym and the kitchen.
    • In the platinum package you receive everything in my 8 Week body transformation package plus;
    • You’ll learn about nutrient timing so you can eat the treats you love and still get in excellent shape.
    • I’ll teach you how to manage your gym and food prep time so you don’t have to think about what you’re having for dinner each night or how many sets & reps you’re going to do in the gym for your next workout.
    • You’ll gain access to my body type eating methods with fully customised example nutrition plans & recipes. (this is worth £74 alone).
    • You will access your daily schedule through my app on your smart phone, so you’ll learn daily habits that become lifelong body transforming habits ensuring success.
    • You’ll gain full access to the workout videos that form your personalised programmes.
    • This bespoke package gives you the chance to record your technique on any exercise while you exercise and upload it to the app so I can review form & training.
    • Have access to results tracking including body fat & progression photo’s (this really is an important motivator).
    • Track every single workout, record your workouts, reps & weight lifted, so you can monitor improvements each week.
    • Access the Platinum package Facebook group so you can post questions and get support from me and other group members ensuring you make long lasting changes.
Here are just some of the transformations my clients are achieving
Gary acheived this amazing transformation in just 8 weeks training with me 
Rich achieved his transformation in 12 weeks and totally changed his outlook on life for the better
Kyle’s transformation took 8 weeks, just in time for his summer holiday

Ready to get started? This costs just £74 per month! Don’t miss out places are limited.


What is your experience in the fitness & nutrition industry & who are you?

I’m Patrick Hargrave body transformation specialist, health, fitness & nutrition expert and a level 4 personal trainer.  I’ve been training clients for over 15 years and have owned my own studio Core Fitness for over 9 years.  During this time I have helped countless clients from all works of life with all sorts of goals to make truly amazing transformations.  I do not buy into the whole fad diet or magic pill industry, I have seen, experienced and coached what actually works and guess what it is a sound nutrition and training plan that is based on scientifically proved principles built around daily habits that form the basis of my training and ensure outstanding results are achieved.

Why should I start online personal training with you?

I have helped hundreds of clients to transform their physiques through my unique, tough, results focused approach specialising in fat loss, building muscle and creating athletic looking physiques. The beauty of online training is that you can access my knowledge 24 hours a day, I’ll design you an individualised training & nutrition plan focused on your goals.  Better still if you are unsure on how to perform any exercises you can simply check the technique on my app, which has a video demonstration of every exercise in your own plan.  All of the guess work is taken out of your training and nutrition plan.  You can even record yourself performing your exercises, upload them onto the app and then I can check you’re performing each exercise correctly and give you any pointers that you need.  This is truly PERSONAL online training for the 21st century.

What makes you different from other personal trainers?

Periodisation is the key to athletic conditioning and creating an athletic looking body so this forms the basis of my approach to your training using both short term and long term strategies. Training in this manner is perfect for anyone training for a specific event or wanting to finally break that plateau and start experiencing some excellent results.

How do I get started? How do I pay & is it safe to buy online?

To begin your exclusive Platinum package with me simply click on one of the subscribe buttons on this page. You’ll be taken to my secure Paypal checkout where you can sign up and start your training and diet right away.  I’m so confident in my training and nutrition plans that I also offer a money back guarantee if you are not entirely happy with the coaching you receive from me.  Terms & conditions apply.

I'm a little confused by how you can check on my progress without actually being with me when I'm training.

I understand that this can be a big leap of faith, however I can assure you that once you sign up to one of my packages it will be my priority to coach you through every step of your coaching and nutrition plans.  I’ll be checking in with you and checking your progress, so you will need to log your progress to ensure I can keep up to date with how your are getting on and making sure you are on the right track.  The unique Core Fitness app enables you to take your workouts to the gym and upload your results right there, so it will really feel like I’m there with you offering encouragement and pointers.  If you ever have a question about your training or nutrition all you need to do is message me through your very own dashboard either online or on the app.  I will set you daily habits for you to adhere to, I use these habits with my in-house clients and find them to be one of the most powerful methods in creating outstanding body transformations that last.

Do you train men & women?

Yes I train men & women in fact it is around an even split.  Just tell me your goals, fill in all of my questionnaires and I’ll work on your personalised exercise and nutrition plans.

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