Greggs – have put out their new 7-day weight loss meal plan

If you had to place money on who’d be least likely to release a weight loss diet plan, I know a good 50 or so people who right about now would be scratching their heads, and having to empty their wallets out at the bookies.

I don’t know if you’ve seen yet, but Greggs – yes, Greggs – have put out their new 7-day weight loss meal plan.

If you want something in pastry, Greggs do it.

The closest you’ll get to a vegetable always used to be the carrot and swede in their pasties …

Their sausage rolls were around 1.4% meat …

And you could gain 4 pounds just by stopping and sniffing at the door.

But you know what?

Greggs have really stepped up their game.

They now do porridge pots and fruit.

They have protein-packed salads.

And while the oh-so-delicious baked goods are still there, they’ve gone a long way to bringing in healthy options.

Okay, they haven’t quite gone to organic quinoa superfood bowls, or mung bean and kale smoothies (thank God) but they have brought in a number of calorie-controlled, macro-friendly options.

And they’ve even released a 7-day diet plan.

It’s only around 1,400 calories, so wouldn’t be enough for the guys out there.

But for some of the more petite women, it’s really not so bad.

Thing is, some people still slate Greggs, because their options aren’t “natural.”

They’re “processed.”

Or full of “chemicals.”

And sure, if you’re a complete food nazi, these might be problematic.

But here’s the deal –

There are chemicals in everything.

If you’ve picked something and put it in a package, that’s a form of processing.

Nothing is really ‘natural.’

In fact, in 2018, I don’t know what natural actual means.

These Greggs-haters are worrying far too much about chemicals, and not nearly enough about calories.

And that’s okay.

People like to get on their high horses, wear their fake healthiness like a badge of honour and look down on those of us who like to get the odd bit of junk food in our macros.

But shall we let them get on with it?

Then we can get on with following the 80:20 rule –

Hitting our macros, while eating 80% nutrient-dense foods, and letting ourselves having 20%

Even if that means the odd steak bake, cheese n’ onion slice, or Bakewell tart …


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