Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells can be the single most effective tool for fat loss and conditioning. Kettlebell training at Core Fitness is carried out using an appropriate weight and is set out in a non stop routine that will work every single muscle in your body to ensure you melt away fat, tone up, improve core stability and dramatically improve endurance.  It is effectively a three in one workout incorporating cardio, weight training and core training. The good news is that Core Fitness’s Kettlebell training is open to everyone, whatever your current fitness levels. Whether you’re an athlete or you’re new to exercise, you’re young or old; Kettlebells are a unbeatable fat loss workout.


Kettlebells are very effective at toning the body particularly the legs, bum, hips, and stomach. You will see a noticeable improvement in your body shape and tone as well as your fitness levels within just a few sessions.   This training is unrivalled when it comes to producing results and whatever you’re current fitness level or ability you will be sure to find kettlebells fun yet challenging.

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