Muscle Building Packages

Want to pack on some lean muscle?  Then check out my muscle building packages below.

The key to building muscle is utilising the methods of load, time under tension, force of contraction, speed of contraction and fatigue among other more advanced methods.  Get these right and you could create that v taper look you crave.

I approach each client differently as we all have different genetics and respond better to different types of training. If your gains have stalled then my years and countless hours of research in the field could just help you to pack on lbs of lean muscle.

Periodisation is the key to building muscle, I employ this method of training to every client with outstanding results.  I constantly tinker with my training programme’s to ensure you get the best results possible.

If you’ve been training for some time now and have seen little in terms of real results it might just mean you need to make some very small tweaks to your training that will end up in you achieving outstanding gains.


3 sessions per week = £390 per month (£32.50 per hour) 12 sessions 2 sessions per week = £280 per month (£35 per hour) 8 sessions 1 session per week = £160 per month (£40 per hour) 4 sessions

I also offer monthly rates for clients who want to train long term and pay less.

Call me now on 07825 314699 or alternatively fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch shortly:

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