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Areas of ExpertiseI pride myself in being the go to personal trainer in Leeds. I leave nothing to chance when training my clients. I don’t believe in charging you for training that is haphazard in it’s approach it just simply isn’t fair. ¬†Following your initial consultation you will undergo a series of tests to determine your motivation to change, your past exercise experience, your current fitness level, your genetic make up and your specific goals.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Body sculpting – Through my many years working as a personal trainer in Leeds I have developed what I believe to be one of the best personal training programmes in the country. I have helped countless clients to sculpt the body they have craved right here in my studio. Many people who start out on a journey to sculpt a fitness model body often see initial improvements in their bodies but this quickly stops and more often than not these people lose interest and give up because no matter how hard they train no further gains are made. This is such a common scenario but it doesn’t have to be this way, if you hire me as your personal trainer in Leeds I will find out the genetic makeup of your muscles through my initial assessment and then construct a workout programme that ensures maximum results in the shortest time possible. Armed with this extra knowledge, together we can develop a cover model or beach ready body.
  • Fat Loss – I believe in tapping into your bodies resources in order to see the most amount of fat loss. So during your fat loss workouts with me you will be taken through a series of tough short explosive fat burning workouts that focus on creating a response in your body that means you will continue to burn fat for up to 2 days after your workout. No more long boring cardio sessions you will feel re-energised after my fat loss workouts.

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  • Athletic Conditioning – Periodisation is the key to athletic conditioning and creating an athletic looking body so this forms the basis of my¬†approach to your training using both short term and long term strategies. Training in this manner is perfect for anyone training for a specific event or wanting to finally break that plateau and start experiencing some excellent results.

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