Personal Training Leeds

Personal Training Leeds

Are you looking to lose weight, add some muscle or improve your health and fitness? Do you want to find the best personal training in Leeds?  Are you looking for a trainer who will go above and beyond in order for you to achieve your goals?

Have you struggled for months without achieving any noticeable results in the gym?

Welcome and let me introduce myself, I’m Patrick Hargrave – Personal Trainer and fat loss expert. I’ve helped hundreds of clients to achieve their goals be it fat loss, improved fitness and athletic ability or adding muscle.

Have a browse around my site to learn more about the type of training you could be taking part in.  I offer full nutritional analysis and support with my training packages.  Your diet could make or break the body you strive to achieve.

Give me a call on 07825 314699 to discuss your training options.

Click here to check out my client testimonials, past and present

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