“I’ve been training with Patrick for 2 years. I lost 2 stone in the first 3 months (15% of my body weight) and more importantly for nearly two years I have kept the weight off and improved my overall fitness – even though I have a sedentary job, which involves entertaining clients at many dinners. Regular fitness sessions ensures you burn the calories and is a great way of negating stress. Patrick varies the sessions so boredom is never an issue – he also ensures that you understand how you can get the most out of your training and any training you do in your spare time – so time spent with Patrick is optimised. I strongly recommend him.”

John McAndrew, CEO Callcredit Information.

“I’ve always been a keen sportsman with a passion for fitness, however my approach to fitness was a little haphazard and I had no clear defined goals (apart from getting that elusive 6 pack). I decided that when I was 30 it was time to sort my training out and get the body I ‘d always wanted. I did some research into personal training and found Patrick’s website. I decided to give Patrick a call to see if he could help me to lose the unwanted stomach fat I had and create a lean muscular physique. I’d been training in various gyms on and off for 10 years and never really seen any results that I was happy with, so after a month of training with Patrick I was delighted to see that I had lost 6lbs of pure fat and had started to see some abdominal muscles on my stomach. Motivated by these early results I threw myself into the training sessions and I’ve never looked back, I just wish I had started training with Patrick sooner rather than wasting years trying to guess my way to the body I wanted. I’d just like to add that during those years I went it alone I tried every workout and supplement going without success and it was Patrick that taught me that everyone has their own unique genetic makeup meaning that everyone should have their own unique personalised workout programme. Patrick tested the types of muscle fibres I have in my various different muscle groups, then set about creating a workout programme that was tailored to my own genetic makeup meaning I was able to maximise my potential. He also showed me the correct way to structure my diet and the supplements that actually help to lose fat and build lean muscle. I can’t thank Patrick enough.”

Barry M, Lloyds Banking Group.
“I have been a client of Patrick for over 3 years and would highly recommend his methods and techniques. My initial goals were fat loss and increasing my overall health and physical condition. Patrick assisted me in achieving all my targets and in the process I have completed the Great North Run & Men’s Health Survival Challenge of the Fittest. We periodically review my aims and set new targets accordingly. In the last 12 months we have concentrated on strength conditioning and building lean muscle to great effect, with strength gains of up to 100% in most exercises!! Patrick always devises innovative ways of keeping the sessions interesting while still ensuring you are continually pushing yourself to your limits. His sessions are both varied and motivating and I would highly recommend his services to anyone considering personal training.”

Michael H, Howard Civil Engineering Ltd.

“I had an unhealthy lifestyle and found it difficult to lose weight. Since I’ve been having full body, core and cardio training sessions with Patrick, I have lost those niggling pounds and feel great! I will highly recommend Patrick; he is patient and is great at motivating. Thanks Patrick.”

Ayisha T, Tareen & Tareen.

“I have worked with several personal trainers over the years and would say that Patrick is the by far the best. He has a great ability to strike the perfect balance between pushing me much harder than I would push myself without de-motivating me into dreading each session. He takes time to understand your goals and devises a detailed programme to enable you to achieve them in a realistic time-frame. With Patrick’s help my general fitness has increased ten fold and enabled me to control my weight and tone up my body in the process.”

Kelly H.

“I’ve been receiving training sessions from Patrick for the past two months. I am getting close to 40 and have found my weight was creeping up slowly – despite being a cardio fan, I was hitting 15 stones and knew something had to change. My goal was to lose a stone, my 42 inch belly and increase my overall strength (I could only do 4 press ups!).

Patrick has a great no-nonsense approach to training, saying it as it is and being practical in his advice, he has created bespoke diet and exercise plans that have kept things interesting and has mixed things up. I really didn’t want a trainer that was superficial and gave feedback for the sake of it.

I’ve dome down to 13.5 stones, 37 inch waist and can do 40 press ups, there is a lot more to do, but I’ve got a plan to keep sustaining the results. Another positive surprise was that my cholesterol has also decreased – from 7.2 to 5.5 mmol/l – the lowest it has ever been, so the nutritional advice has been spot on – increasing my strength, reducing my weight and cholesterol.”

Vik, HR Manager, Leeds.

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