Train like a Boxer

Boxing and training like a boxer is a highly effective form of cross training combining aerobic and anaerobic conditioning in a diverse multi-muscle working session.


Functional training and sport specific it improves hand to eye co-ordination, technique, core strength, balance and power and is an energetic and highly effective way to seriously tone up and let off steam. We use athletic warm ups, controlled shadow boxing, intense pad work and callisthenics to get you as fit as a boxer!


Boxers are arguably the fittest athletes on the planet. Their bodies are lean and tough. They are agile and float around the ring with ease, they are balanced and display great coordination. All reasons Core Fitness incorporates boxing training into your programme. You will get as fit as a boxer, but you won’t get battered and bruised like a boxer (unless you’re late!). Our boxing sessions are non contact meaning you only hit pads not people!

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