Patrick Hargrave
Personal Coach

Patrick Hargrave

Patrick's goal is to deliver the best and most effective training possible by passing on his expert knowledge and passion for fitness to all of his clients. He always gives 100% to every session he delivers He doesn't simply stand and count reps.

About Patrick Hargrave

Patrick believes everyone is different, which is why every single client that he trains receives a totally unique workout that is tailored to their goals. It is this personal service that has set him apart from the average personal trainer out there who tries to get results simply by shouting louder. Patrick makes sure the training that his clients receive is specific to their goals and their body type ensuring that maximum results are achieved. He is definitely against any type of fad diet diet, results are achieved through careful planning, good nutrition, hard work, and dedication.

Past experience

When Patrick first began as a personal trainer in Leeds he dreamt of opening his own personal training studio like the celebrity trainers in London. He now has over 18 years experience working as a personal trainer in Leeds at the forefront of the fitness industry. This experience has given him the skills to build up an excellent reputation as a body transformation and fat loss expert that is backed up by his ever expanding client list, and the excellent results they have achieved over the years.

Areas of expertise:

  • Body transformations
  • Fat loss
  • Nutritional advice
  • Strength & conditioning